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. this looked hipocritical. a lot of people who support the nra are sort of beating up on president obama and rightfully so for surrounding himself with kids and bringing kids into the discussion. then you have an nra ad that goes after obama's kids. i understand the point about security, valid points. in fact, you did this better. i heard you make this point. it was in a way that viewers could watch and say he has a good point. this ad did that for me. >> i was just about to attack her on her thing. >> see how clever m why. >> you had me and then you lost me. >> i was going say it, and then she said, i did say i was better. i disagree with jedediah. the nra was making a fair point. he said he was skeptical about putting guns in schools which is basically what he has the luxury of, and so does david gregory and romy man -- ram emmanuel. why can't our kids be as safe as his kids? >> nobody does a better job of making themselves unpalable. you look at the choice between crazed gunman shooting defenseless victims or everybody opening fire at the same time. there is supposed to be a middle gr
loonetics. >> the problem is the spokespeople for that entire population, the nra and so on, they don't have that view. anytime somebody comes out with limits on guns, they are the ones that come out and act as a spokespeople for any gun rights enthusiast. >> if you do things like saying i want a national registry which is one of the suggestions. this is coming from people who don't think you need an id to vote and are against the national id for a driver's license. but they want a national registry. of course the nra is thinking now they have a list of everybody that has a gun and they will come around and get your gun one day. of course they r. if you suggest stuff like that, of course they hillary cyst it. if you say, hold up a picture of james holmes, the one with the orange hair. should this crazy person have a gun? no. holdup a picture of adam lamza. >> i think people are looking at that. any person who believes in the right to bear arms they are looking at the status quo of what those people believe. people have protested background checks, either legitimate across the board or at the
press conference that said we have to look in to the violent video games. you know what? the nra decided to distribute free to everybody, four years and older this video game that just came out shooting coffins with rifles. with handguns. isn't that good, wayne? why don't you get your public relations straight. if you call for investigating video gims that are violent, then take yours off the market. you get money off of it. that tells you everything you need to know about the nra. >> eric: bob is wound up tonight. that's it for "the five." >>> welcome to "red eye." more importantly, my new cd lateral thinking poz leers comes out in -- on january 22nd. i should know. tv's andy levy is in bed with the flu. so filling in was author, columnist and one of the newest fox news contributors. she has the pre game report. jedediah, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, after years of lying to us, lacks armstrong -- lance armstrong has admitted to doping. in an effort to get back in the game he is dying to hear your forgiveness. and a conservative juice bar owner charges liberals
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3